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Getting help for emotional and mental health problems is not only about finding the right expert with the right experience and right qualifications. It's about finding a therapist with the right kind of manner, personality and outlook to help you as this will be the key to successful treatment. Finding the right therapist is not always easy though. That's what we're here for.

We want to ensure that we offer our clients the highest level of treatment possible. So we'll do everything we can to make sure you get the right treatment, from the right person, as quickly as possible.

To make sure that we could match this promise we started with the most important element – our team of Clinical Partners. We wanted to bring together a team of highly qualified professionals with skills across different disciplines -Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychotherapy and with experience across a wide range of issues and disorders. By offering a team with this range of complementary skills we believe we can offer a fully effective service for our clients.

Our Clinical Partners have been individually selected and we only work with qualified professionals that we know and trust and who are registered and accredited to professional bodies. We know their background and their experience – we sort references and recommendations. So we know how – and who – they can help.

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