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At Clinical Partners our experienced team of highly qualified Psychiatrists are able to help with all kinds of emotional and psychological difficulties from relationship and life issues, depression and addictions through to more serious and complex mental health problems. The team are able to lead clinical assessments, provide treatment reviews and treatment plan using the skills of all of the Clinical Partners to ensure the best treatment approaches are used and implemented.

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Dr Alison Battersby, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Alison Battersby is a highly regarded consultant psychiatrist with nearly 20 years' experience. She has experience across all areas of adult psychiatry and also has experience within the area of addiction.

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Dr Jane Marshall, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Jane Marshall is a highly regarded Consultant Psychiatrist with over 30 years' experience.

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Dr Massimo Bernini, Private Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Bernini is an incredibly talented practitioner and is both empathetic and approachable. He has over 20 years' experience working in the field of psychiatry and has been a Consultant within the NHS since 1997.

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Dr Francesca Battisti, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Francesca Battisti is a well-regarded Consultant Psychiatrist with over 10 years' experience working in Psychiatry.

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Why we are different from other practices

We take the time to fully understand your personal or professional needs. Then we carefully match you with the member of our team with the most experience and understanding of your situation or requirement. So you can trust that you are receiving the very best treatment.

Our respected team provide a wide range of specialist services for private clients in the UK and abroad. We also offer confidential services for professionals.

Services we offer

Our respected team provide a wide range of specialist services for private clients in the UK and abroad. We also offer confidential services for professionals.

PsychiatryPsychologyPsychotherapyChild and Adolescent ServicesSupport for SchoolsMedico Legal ServicesResidential Treatment AdviceInternational Services
Dr Simon Surguladze, Bipolar and Depression Psychiatrist

Dr Surguladze is a psychiatrist with over 30 years of clinical and academic experience in various areas of mental health.

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Dr Bhaskar Punukollu, Psychiatrist

Dr Punukollu is an intelligent and engaging practitioner, based in London, with a great deal of experience in his field of specialisms.

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Dr Andrew Williams, Private Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Williams is an experienced psychiatrist who uses a structured psychiatric approach coupled with an expertise in talking treatments to address the client's difficulties.

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Dr Andrew Montgomery, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Montgomery is a Psychiatrist with over 20 years' experience within medicine. He has worked within leading NHS Trusts and has combined clinical experience with clinical research and lecturing.

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