What you need to know about Psychology

Psychology with Clinical Partners

Like Psychotherapists, Psychologists also offer a range of one-to-one therapies. So they can be great at dealing with the everyday life challenges you're not quite sure how to deal with like stress, self-esteem, relationship or work issues – as well as addressing deeper psychological problems, from anxieties and phobias, to addictions, eating disorders or depression.

Psychologists tend to take more Cognitive approaches based on research and quantitative analysis such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Many Psychologists specialise in different specific areas of mental health for example Educational Psychologist who can assess children for Special Educational Needs or particular learning difficulties; Neuropsychologists diagnose a range of conditions such as ADD/ADHD, Autism or Dementia; Business Psychologists who specialize in the occupational development.

If you think you might like to see a Psychologist but are not sure, then feel free to use to talk the issue through.

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What is a Psychologist?

Psychology is the scientific study of all aspects of behaviour and the thoughts, feelings and motivations underlying that behaviour. A Psychologist is an individual who has trained in Psychology to degree level and is likely to be a member of the British Psychological Society.

Psychology has numerous branches such as Educational Psychology (where the process of learning is studied and children with learning difficulties can be helped) Occupational/Business Psychology (where issues at work such as personnel selection are considered scientifically) and Social Psychology (where how we influence each other through persuasion and manipulation is studied). There are many other branches such as Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Biological Psychology.

Why see a Clinical Partners Psychologist?

Our main aim is to make sure you get to see someone with the qualifications and experience to help you.

So we carefully select all our Psychologists to ensure they have an impressive depth of experience (typically more than five years post-qualification) and a range of expertise to cover your own particular needs. We also have to feel comfortable with them as people – so we think you will too.

How long does treatment take?

If you're seeing a Counselling Psychologist for CBT then your treatment is likely to be for a fixed duration, typically between 6-12 one-hour sessions.

If you're seeing a specialist psychologist for assessment this will normally involve one or two initial visits. The length of any subsequent treatment will then depend on the plan you work out with your psychologist.

What should you do next?

We try to make answering that question as easy as possible. With us, you simply:

  • Call our Psychology Team
  • we'll recommend one of our highly qualified, experienced specialists
  • you'll have an initial meeting with them
  • and if you feel comfortable with them then the two of you will put together a plan

So if you want to find out what a Clinical Partners Psychologist could do for you then call our Counselling Team for a confidential chat on 0203 326 9160.

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