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Teenage Alcohol Abuse

If you suspect that your teenager is abusing alcohol we will be able to help your child and you cope with the situation.

We understand that it can be upsetting to find out that your teenager maybe abusing alcohol but we can advise you on the best way to approach your teenager and provide the professional treatment they need.

We work in partnership with the National Addiction Centre - part of the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and are able to offer you access to some of the UK’s leading addiction specialists.

Please call us now on 0203 326 9160 to discuss how we can help and arrange an appointment with one of our team.

Signs of Teenage Drinking

1)  Home life – relationships are deteriorating in the family, they may have withdrawn or become more hostile and their behaviour has changed.

2) School life – teachers have mentioned behavioural problems, their attainment levels have dropped and there may be truancy

3)  Social Life – their relationships with old friends have deteriorated;  they may have created a new network of friends who are using alcohol or drugs; there may be a loss of interest in sports or other favourite activities

4) Emotional Life - basic personality changes; inexplicable and sudden mood changes; apathy

5) Physical Life – they have started to have problems with their memory, they are very tired or hyper; difficulty walking; their sleep is disturbed; red, blood-shot eyes; carelessness with grooming

6) The Evidence – alcohol in the home has disappeared or valuables are missing; use of cigarettes; use of incense; excess money or missing money

 Treatment and help for Teenagers abusing alcohol

At Clinical Partners we have a team of Child Psychiatrists, Psychiatrists and Therapists who have experience in helping teenagers who abuse alcohol and drugs.

We specialise in the area of addiction and work in partnership with the National Addiction Centre.

We have a team of Educational Psychologists who are able to assist and support your child if the problem has impacted on their education or if you support in working with your school throughout this time.

We also work with a number of residential treatment services in the UK and America if inpatient treatment is required.  We are therefore able to advise and support your decisions regarding residential treatment.

Call us now on 0203 326 9160 and we can arrange an appointment at your convenience.

  • A massive thank you to Dr Ougrin and yourself for being so marvellous. At long last I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we are on the way to getting S the correct treatment, support and intervention.

  • Clinical Partners has really transformed our family's life. From our first telephone call with Caroline we felt that there was hope and that we could get the help we needed. All through our daughter's outpatient and inpatient treatment they have been there for us.

  • The help we have received both from Caroline at Clinical Partners and Dr Punukollu has been incredible and has transformed our daughter's life and ours.

  • Many thanks for all of your help and your excellent service regards.

  • Many thanks for your letter. I felt so glad to have had the session with you and for the first time felt not just listened to, but heard. Sadly not many professionals I have seen are aware of the subtle difference.

  • Alison was really understanding and provided some helpful guidance. I appreciate that she was able to connect with B so well and he is keen to start some treatment.

  • Thank you again for helping and getting my son R an appointment so quickly. This has enabled him to retake his second year at university and we are looking forward to a much more settled time for him.

  • I cannot thank you enough for making it far clearer to me how we need to proceed. It has been a relief talking with you and I am so grateful that you are following up on our discussion.

  • We are very grateful for all the support, patience and understanding you have shown us.

  • Thank you for all your help. N saw Dr Surguladze and was relieved and happy afterwards.
    We feel fortunate that we managed to find Clinical partners - it was feeling like a bit of a war zone trying to get help.

Call us for help today
Call us for help today