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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Overview of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is based on similar concepts to psychoanalysis, but it is a relatively shorter therapy with a more specific focus, such as addressing a relationship issue compared with seeking fundamental changes in personality. Psychodynamic psychotherapy assumes that we each experience unconscious desires and feelings which are socially unacceptable or too painful to deal with consciously. Our protective response is to keep these feelings in our unconscious mind where we do not have to be aware of them. To maintain this position, we develop defence mechanisms, for example, denial that a problem exists even when faced with robust evidence. This protects our conscious mind from having to experience painful or unpleasant aspects of ourselves.

Psychological distress and symptoms result from unresolved conflicts experienced during childhood which have become buried in the unconscious mind to protect the individual. Where defence mechanisms become maladaptive, psychodynamic psychotherapy seeks to help the client bring these conflicts into consciousness, to experience the feelings from that time and begin to resolve those conflicts in relationship with the therapist.

Who uses it?

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is used by psychotherapists.

Clinical Partners trained in this approach include: Alan Bore, Alison Hunt, Tracy Goodman and Virginia Graham.

Why would someone use it?

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy explores past issues from family relationships, as experienced by the individual at that time.

This therapy is less directive or prescriptive than some other therapies, such as CBT, ACT and MBCT.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is used to explore a range of issues, including depression, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, eating disorders, PTSD, body-image issues, relationship issues and low self-esteem.

Strengths of the approach:

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a deep, long-term treatment, and lasts anything from months to years, depending on the individual and the therapist.

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