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Doug Vaughan

MA (Hons)

Clinical Partners

Integrative Psychotherapist

Location: London


Doug talking about how Mindfulness can help improve your mental health?

Mindfulness helps the brain become less reactive, giving you more control over your behaviours.


Doug is an intelligent and capable practitioner. Over the past 6 years he has gained invaluable experience within the area of addictions and dependency by working with a private addiction residential treatment centre and within the NHS at Guy's Hospital, London.

In addition to addictions, Doug has an interest in mood disorders and exploring ways to help people manage their emotional experience.


Doug specialises in the treatment of adults and young adults from the age of 17 with alcohol and substance abuse and dependency, depression and anxiety.

Therapeutic Approaches

Qualifications & Experiences

Having worked as a teacher for some time he left to take up counselling at Turning Point in London – a leading health and social care organisation working with a large number of clients for four years. Since 2007 he has worked at a private residential clinic as a counsellor and within the NHS at the Munro Clinic at Guy's hospital, London. In addition to his clinical work he has undertaken academic studies achieving a MA (Hons) in Integrative Psychotherapy. He has also trained with Alan Wallace and Paul Ekman to deliver a programme of mindfulness and psychological practices to assist in cultivating emotional balance.


Doug is an Integrative Psychotherapist in London.

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