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Eating Disorders Clinic

Find the right treatment for eating disorders

If you want help for an eating disorder or body image issue, we can put you in touch with a therapist who has all the qualifications, experience and rapport that you're looking for.

Clinical Partners can offer you:

  • Experienced eating disorder specialists who can offer you support for your particular issue
  • Therapists who have been selected not only for their qualifications but also for their talent and expertise – we would we happy to entrust our own friends and family members to their treatment for eating disorders
  • Eating disorder counselling and clinics at a number of locations in the UK including London, Surrey and South West
  • We have specialists who are able to offer children and adolescents help for eating disorders
  • Immediate appointments

How do I find the right treatment for an Eating Disorder?

Simply call Caroline on 0203 326 9160 for a confidential chat or fill in the form alongside. We will recommend a counsellor with specialist experience in the eating disorder or body image issue you feel you need to talk about.

Following an initial consultation, the therapist may advise a recovery plan combining both psychotherapy and psychiatry – again, we can recommend the most suitable match.

Video: Helping someone with Anorexia

One of the most dangerous mental health illness, anorexia needs treatment early.

Clinical Partners specialises in treating eating disorders.

Within Clinical Partners we are able to treat a range of eating disorders including:

Eating Disorders Help - Why Clinical Partners?

Our highly recommended eating disorder specialists are passionate about offering the best counselling and treatment based on your needs as an individual.

Professor Julia Buckroyd is a hugely respected researcher and practitioner with renowned expertise in disordered eating and obesity.

Tracy Goodman and Clive Meindel have enormous experience in anorexia and bulimia counselling and have particular expertise in treating adolescents with eating disorders.

As well as eating disorders, Clive Meindl is an expert on body dysmorphic disorder, and has excellent rapport with younger patients.

See the full Clinical Partners team

Where are the Clinical Partners clinics?

We have a number of clinics in various locations across the UK – including a Clinic in Harley Street and another in Wimpole Street. Please call us to hear if we have a clinical partner near you.

More information on Eating Disorders

Simply call our clinical team on 0203 326 9160 for a confidential chat or:

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