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Symptoms and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

Monday, 16 January 2012. Posted in Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder can be a difficult illness to both diagnose and to understand as there are variations in the symptoms and treatment. The first step is to ensure a proper diagnosis so that other possible conditions can be ruled out and a bespoke treatment plan can be created.

What is bipolar affective disorder? Symptoms and treatment of bi-polar affective disorder Bipolar affective disorder is also known as manic depression or bipolar depression. In its most typical form, the patient experiences uncontrollable mood swings, cycling between a ‘manic’ or ‘euphoric’ state and ...

Mindfulness and coping with emotional issues – Dr Tamara Russell

Friday, 13 January 2012. Posted in Treatments

Clinical Partner - Dr Tamara Russell provides some insight into Mindfulness and the way that it can help us manage our anxiety, stress and depression.

Dr Tamara Russell on Mindfulness and managing our emotional issues. Mindfulness and managing our emotions Mindfulness is a mental training technique originating from Eastern contemplative traditions, specifically Buddhism.  In the last twenty years there has been a proliferation of mindfulness-based interventions in both ...

Managing the symptoms of Bipolar with Mindfulness

Friday, 13 January 2012. Posted in Bipolar Disorder

The symptoms of Bipolar Disorder are unique to the individual and so should the treatment of Bipolar. Research as shown that Mindfulness Training can alleviate anxiety symptoms and that both depressive and mania symptoms can be reduced by Mindfulness Training. At Clinical Partners, our Clinical Psychologist, Dr Tamara Russell specialises in Mindfulness-based approaches to help clients suffering from Bipolar.

How can Mindfulness help individuals with bipolar illness? "Dr Tamara Russell" We know that those with bipolar illness face some particular challenges, and the first one is often acceptance of the illness. Acceptance of thoughts and feelings, as well as the illness itself ...

Treatment for sleep issues in later life

Thursday, 12 January 2012. Posted in Later Life Issues

Suffering from problems with sleeping in later life can be debilitating and cause anxiety, depression along with a range of other physical problems. At Clinical Partners our Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists will be able to under cover the issues behind your problem and help you.

Sleep issues in later life Symptoms of common late-life sleep disorders It seems doubly unfair that, along with all the health and psychological issues that can trouble the elderly while they’re awake, sleep disorders become more common as well. The reason is that sleep ...

Coping with Bereavement in later life

Thursday, 12 January 2012. Posted in Later Life Issues

Coping with bereavement at any time of life can be very difficult - when we are older we are suppose to be more resilient at managing death but that is not the case. Grief and loss can be overwhelming. At Clinical Partners we will recommend a qualified and empathetic therapist with experience and expertise who can help you through this difficult time.

Bereavement in later life Understanding the process of bereavement Bereavement is an overwhelming and long-lasting emotional event. In this modern age, we have grown unaccustomed to grief. Childhood death and death due to war, accident or non-geriatric illnesses are now very rare. As ...

Treating depression in later life

Thursday, 12 January 2012. Posted in Later Life Issues

Late-life depression can sometime be thought of as normal or inevitable but it shouldn't be and it can be successfully treated. Depression in later life can increase other physical illnesses so it is important to seek help and a proper assessment to identify the root cause of the problem. At Clinical Partners we have a team of qualified and empathetic therapists and psychiatrists with experience and expertise in this area who can help you.

What is ‘Depression in later life’? Symptoms and treatment of later-life depression Depression is the No.1 mental health problem and ‘depression in later life’ or ‘late-life depression’ is particularly common. Bereavement and ill health are natural triggers for depression among the elderly, especially ...

Anxiety in later life

Thursday, 12 January 2012. Posted in Later Life Issues

Anxiety at any time of life can be hard to cope with. With overlaying issues in later life anxiety can cause other physical problems so it is important to seek advice and support. At Clinical Partners our team of psychiatrists and psychotherapists will be able to offer empathetic support and therapy in exactly the issues you are struggling with.

Anxiety disorders in later life Symptoms and treatment of late-life anxiety disorders Anxiety disorders may affect as many as 10% of those in later life. The medical challenge with diagnosing and treating late-life anxiety disorders is their relationship with physical illness. Anxiety disorders ...

Assessment and treatment for mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

Thursday, 12 January 2012. Posted in Treatments

Mild Cognitive Impairment is when a person has some memory loss but they don't have dementia. Although we can all be affected by 'senior moments' the Alzheimer's Society studies show that 10-15% of people with MCI go on to develop dementia. Moreover, underlying conditions can cause MCI such as high blood pressure, depression or sleep apnoea so it is important to obtain an assessment with a specialist. At Clinical Partners Memory Clinic our team led by Consultant Psychiatrist Paul Loughlin are able to offer full assessments, diagnosis and on-going treatment.

What is mild cognitive impairment (MCI)? Symptoms and treatment of MCI Mild cognitive impairment is a general term applied to people who have some loss of memory but do not have dementia. The memory loss is observable to the person with mild cognitive ...

Diagnosis and treatment for Fronto-temporal lobar degeneration (FTLD)

Thursday, 12 January 2012. Posted in Dementia

FTLD affects adults aged 40-60 and early symptoms can be similar to depression or Alzheimer’s disease. Specialist diagnosis is required as drug's used for Alzheimer's are not effect and can make the symptoms worse. At the Clinical Partners Memory Clinic our team led by Consultant Psychiatrist Paul Loughlin are able to assess, diagnose and provide on-going treatment as well as offer support and advice for family and friends when coping with the behavioural changes associated with the disease.

What is fronto-temporal lobar degeneration (FTLD)? Symptoms and treatment of FTLD FTLD is the term used to describe a group of dementias that affect the frontal lobes (the front top part of the brain) and/or the temporal lobes (the lower left and right ...

Diagnosis and treatment for Pick's Disease

Thursday, 12 January 2012. Posted in Dementia

Pick's disease is perhaps not such a well know dementia and it usually affects people between the ages of 40-60. Due to the age group of the sufferer's it can often be misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's or depression. It is therefore essential to get a proper assessment and diagnosis as drugs used of Alzheimer's can worsen the symptoms. Although it cannot be cured it can be managed with the right treatment. At Clinical Partners Memory Clinic our team lead by Consultant Psychiatrist Paul Loughlin are able to offer assessment, diagnosis and on-going treatment as well as offer support and advice for the individual and their friends and family.

What is Pick’s disease? Symptoms and treatment of Pick’s disease Pick’s disease is a condition closely related to ‘fronto-temporal lobar degeneration’ (FTLD) and is one of the rarer types of dementia. Unlike Alzheimer’s disease and some other forms of dementia, it usually affects ...

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