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Professional Help for GP’s suffering from Burnout and Stress

Tuesday, 16 July 2013. Posted in Anxiety & Stress

If you are a GP affected by professional stress or burnout or simply wish to manage your well-being more effectively this evidence-based programme will be able to help you.

Much has been written about GP’s suffering from Burnout and Stress at work recently. A recent survey of 500 British GPs published in BMJ Open found 46% of Doctors were emotionally exhausted, 42% were depersonalised and 34% felt they were not achieving a great deal.  For many GP’s this is a reality when trying to manage the demands of a busy practice.

To help support GP’s who feel affected by professional stress or burnout or simply wish to manage their well-being more effectively there is professional help available.


Mindfulness in Practice for GP’s

This is a four-part evidence-based training programme designed to enhance GP’s Wellness -developed and delivered by Dr Caroline Hough, GP, Coach and Mindfulness Trainer and Dr Tamara Russell, Clinical Psychologist, Neuroscientist and Leading Mindfulness Trainer.

This unique programme is a blend of Mindfulness and Coaching and uses Direct Experience, Peer Feedback and Active reflection in order to accelerate learning.

This course will support you to:

  • Build clinical efficacy
  • Build resilience
  • Manage stress more effectively
  • Be more compassionate
  • Increase your satisfaction with life
  • Care for yourself whilst you care for others
  • Reduce levels of anxiety, depression, exhaustion and depersonalisation.

If you think you may need treatment, call us to arrange a private consultation.

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Feedback from GP’s who have undertaken the course:

“A really worthwhile experience, I hope that more doctors get this opportunity – you have made an impact on my life and career which I will certainly always be grateful for.”


Evidence-Based Programme

The Aspiring to Wellness Project research was run in conjunction with King’s College London and with the support of the Royal College of GP’s.  It demonstrated significant improvements in GP’s perception and management of stress, their satisfaction with life, self-compassion and their ability to be less judgemental about their mental experience.


Programme Details and Booking your Place

The programme consists of four 3 hour workshops which will be held on 5th and 12th October and the 2nd and 23rd November in the Euston area, London.

The cost is £595 – if you apply before September 13th the early bird rate will be £495. A 20% reduced rate for GP’s from same practice will also be given.

To apply for one of the limited places please contact Morna Spence on 0203 131 6720

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Call us for help today