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Managing your child's 'back to school' anxiety - an adaptable Action Plan

Posted on Thursday, 03 September 2020, in OpenHouse Events, Child Autism, Child & Teen ADHD, Child & Teen Anxiety, Child & Teen Depression, Student Health

Copy of Openhouse on Autism 2


This event took place on 03 September 2020


In this event, host Emma Woodhouse, neuro-developmental specialist at Clinical Partners, and autism specialists Dr Ann Ozsivadjian and Dr Marianna Murin, explore the challenges around post lockdown anxiety and offer practical actions you can take to help your child.


You can view the full recording, and information on further OpenHouse events, on our Facebook page here.


Dr Ann and Dr Marianna have put their key insights into an adaptable action plan infographic below.  Please feel free to use and share. We’ve also added further links to resources we hope you find useful.


OpenHouse on Autism Back to school anxiety AAP


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Rae Britton

Rae Britton Content Editor BA Joint Hons, QTS

Rae oversees the creation of a range of content that offers insight, support and guidance on mental health issues. She is both passionate and ably qualified. She is a former primary school teacher, while she also has three children, two of whom have ADHD with one of those also diagnosed with Asperger’s. It means she can combine her expertise and direct experience to shape content that helps those in need to survive, thrive and excel.

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