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Therapy for Eating Disorders

Wednesday, 07 December 2011. Posted in Eating Disorders, Treatments & Therapy

Finding the right therapy for Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are complex and damaging conditions that arise from a combination of emotional, behavioural, biological, psychological and social factors.

While eating disorders may begin with a preoccupation with food and weight, they are most often much more than simply about food. People with eating disorders often use food and the control of food in an attempt to control their environment and compensate for emotions and feelings that may seem over-whelming.

Depending on the individual some may withdraw from food, others binge and purge and for some they over eat or over exercise. Whichever route is taken it is a way to cope with painful emotions and to feel in control of their life. Sadly, the result of these actions not only damages the individual physically but it also has a negative impact on their emotional health and self-esteem.

At Clinical Partners we want to be able to support individuals and families affected by eating disorders. We want to be able to recommend a therapist who not only has professional qualifications and in-depth experience in this area but we want to ensure that you feel personally comfortable with this individual and the treatment you receive.

Our team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists are able to assess, diagnose and provide treatment for the full spectrum of eating disorders including:

Clinical Partners are able to offer assessment, diagnosis and treatments for all eating disorders.


Residential Treatment Advice and Support

We are also able to help and support you and your family if the situation has become critical and residential treatment may be needed. We are able to offer a full assessment and establish the most effective treatment plan and the most suitable residential treatment programme based on your circumstances.  Read more about our Residential Treatment Advisory and Support Service.


How we can help

Whatever your circumstance we will be able to help you in total confidence. By calling our Clinical Team on 0843 634 1664 you will be able to talk in confidence about your situation and we can recommend a specialist to assist you.

We will then arrange an initial consultation at a time that suits you and together a treatment plan can be devised with you. It may be that different disciplines such as psychiatry or psychotherapy are required and we can also organise this for you. If subsequent appointments are required we can arrange convenient times with you at either of our two clinics in West London.

Call us for help today
Call us for help today