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Addiction to Party Drugs

Wednesday, 24 October 2012. Posted in Addiction

Party Drug Clinic

Many club/party drug users are unaware of the severe effects that these drugs can have on them including dependence, severe depression, psychosis and bladder damage. Clinical Partner’s Party Drug Clinic specialises in treating individuals who have a problem with party drugs like GBL and other legal highs including stimulants like ‘Ivory Wave’.

At the City Health Conference this week they reported that regular Ketamine use is causing an unprecedented and previously unrecorded incidence in bladder damage and high levels of dependency amongst 25-30 year old clubbers.

These new drugs are creating severe problems for party drug users.  Not only do they create addiction but also severe depression and psychosis. Many users are unaware that the drugs can be highly addictive and are overwhelmed when they become dependent.

At Clinical Partners our Party Drug Clinic specialises in treating people who are misusing or have a problem with on a wide range of Party or Club Drugs.  Our team include some leading addiction Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists – who fully understand the impact the drugs can have on users.

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