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Why we should be talking about men and mental health

Posted on Friday, 16 June 2017, in Men's mental health

Men & Mental Health | Statistics

As it’s Men’s Health Week (#MHW2017), we thought we would share some interesting statistics about men and mental health in the UK. It’s imperative that we all make an effort to encourage men to open up about mental health and share their troubles: ‘a trouble shared is a trouble halved’.


Over the past year we have seen an increase in publicity surrounding mental health and a rise in the number of people campaigning to encourage others to come forward and share their stories. There have been many famous faces behind these campaigns, with lots of male celebrities helping to drive them forward. The likes of Prince Harry, Prince William, Rio Ferdinand and Zayn Malik are among the growing list of male celebrities speaking up about their personal experiences with mental health, inspiring others to do the same.


A shocking '76% of all suicides are committed by men' (source: ONS). Encouraging men to seek help in the first instance is crucial; with the male population far less likely than women to actively seek advice or help for a mental illness, this first step could make a huge difference. We can all do our bit to try and change these statistics, whether that’s sharing your story, supporting others you know, or simply getting involved in the conversation and sharing articles online to help raise awareness. People find strength in numbers and you could be the +1 that makes a difference and reaches someone in need.

Men's Mental Health Infographic


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Emilie Head

Emilie Head Business Development and Content Editor BA(Hons), ACMA, MBACP

Emilie has three main roles at Clinical Partners – managing our NHS Partnerships, developing the services our Clinicians offer and writing and editing web content.

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