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Managing your recovery from cancer

Wednesday, 14 December 2011.

Support when your cancer treatment ends

Cancer treatment tends to take over your life. You, your family and friends are all focused on it. Everything you do or plan to do revolves around it. And as soon as ‘the experts’ assume responsibility for your recovery, you lose some of your usual sense of responsibility for yourself.

The end result is that, instead of feeling overjoyed when you’ve won or are winning the battle against cancer, you may be left with a feeling of emptiness, anxiety and isolation – like a long-term prisoner released into a world that’s moved on. And the fact that your family, friends and colleagues can’t understand the way you feel makes it even worse.

Fortunately, the aftermath of cancer is a common and well-understood issue and you don’t need to suffer in silence and alone – the help you need is available.


How Clinical Partners can help?

Simply call our clinical team in confidence on 0203 326 9160 and we will recommend the most suitable therapist or support group for your individual situation. You can also fill in the form above if you would rather have us email you.


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