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Results so far from our Survey into the emotional impact of PIP medical issue

Friday, 03 February 2012. Posted in Miscellaneous

Clinical Partner – Richard Sherry, Clinical Psychologist, compiled a short survey that tries to understand further the Psychological and emotional impact arising from the recent news of the medical risks associated with PIP breast implants – here are some of the results from the survey so far.

Richard Sherry

Richard Sherry - Clinical Psychologist for Clinical Partners

Attached is some initial results from the survey compiled by Richard Sherry to understand further the Psychological and Emotional Impact arising from the medical risks associated with the PIP breast Implants.

  • Over three quarters (77%) said their self-esteem and self-worth had been affected: 37% “considerably‟ and 40% “severely”
  • Virtually all (96%) respondents felt depressed and anxious, with over 2/3 (68%) of women affected “severely” and 28% “considerably”. Only 5% said “a little” or “not at all” (0.9%)
  • More than 8 out of 10 (83%) feel their body image has been affected

Richard Sherry commented on the initial results: “The comments we received in this survey really highlight the severe levels of distress being felt by those affected. It is important to foster communities of support, and it behoves health professionals to address the emotional repercussions of this situation as urgently as the physical.”

Initial Results from the Clinical Partners Research into the PIPs Issue

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