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Freddy Weaver

MA, BA(Hons), Dipl Psych, UKCP

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Location: Exeter


Freddy Weaver

Counsellor in Exeter

Freddy is an exceptionally warm and approachable therapist. He has specialised in the area of addictions and eating disorders for the past 6 years working in both inpatient and outpatient services.

Through active listening and intuitive intervention Freddy strives to create an environment of warmth and transparency where clients are able to safely explore the issues they are struggling with. He combines the use of behavioural and cognitive interventions with mindfulness and creative therapeutic techniques.


Freddy has experience with eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, men with eating disorders and body dysmorphia disorder. He also is experienced in addictions including alcohol dependency, drug dependency, prescription medication dependency, Benzodiazepines Dependency, gambling, compulsive overspending, addictive relationships and sex addiction and helping individuals who have suffered sexual abuse.

Therapeutic Approaches:

Qualifications & Experiences

 Freddy obtained a distinction in his Addiction Psychology and Counselling Master's degree from London South Bank University. He has worked within the field of counselling addictions and eating disorders since 2005 – working at a number of leading private treatment centres including the Priory Group. He has recently set up a therapy group for male survivors of sexual abuse.


Freddy is a Counsellor based in Exeter.

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