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How can our locum and staffing services help you?

For cost effective, flexible staffing solutions that put patient care at the forefront, Clinical Partners specialist mental healthcare services can help

Locum staff provide flexibility

We can provide locum psychiatrists and psychologists to help cover the gaps that can be caused by staff retirements, sick leave and turnover. Our highly experienced locums can be put into placement quickly, providing the best continuity of care for your patients.

One of the advantages of using locum staff to fill a vacancy, is that you can buy yourself time to consider your options and redesign your services. You are not committed in the long term and do not have to consider the lengthy recruitment or redundancy processes should you need to redesign the role.

Locum staff can be a cost effective option

Employing staff can be very expensive– you might only require staffing a day or two a week to give you the resources you need, but it can be really hard to find the right person who is willing to work part time.

Perhaps you are not sure and don’t want the commitment permanent staff can bring. Recruitment costs in terms of time and money can make filling vacancies a time consuming, lengthy and expensive option.

Clinical Partners locums and staffing offers a cost effective way of providing a flexible workforce. Patient care and quality outcomes are at the forefront of what we do; we know and understand the mental health sector well and can provide innovative solutions to your problems.

We can support your organisation in several ways:

  • Waiting list initiatives
  • Treatment plans for groups of patients
  • Group and individual patient care
  • Managing complex case needs

To discuss how we can help solve your organisation’s staffing needs, please call Caroline Scott on 0203 761 7027 or email

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0203 326 9160

0203 761 7026

0203 761 7027

0203 326 9160 0203 761 7026 0203 761 7027
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