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When you need high quality medico legal reports to support your case, Clinical Partners can help

Civil cases are used to compensate the victim of the incident, rather than deliver punishment. Personal Injury claims fall under Civil law and commonly result from

  • car accidents
  • trips and falls
  • medical malpractice
  • defective products
  • intentional torts such as assault, fraud or defamation (slander and libel)

Obtaining a medicolegal report from a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Psychotherapist can support the claimant’s case and help determine the level of compensation due.

Compensation can be restorative in nature, helping the victim feel that they have received justice but more importantly can also be necessary to fund life getting back on track.

Following a trauma, accident or attack, psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression or even post traumatic stress can result. These conditions can stop an individual from working and living a ‘normal life’. On going treatment may be necessary and returning to full time employment or caring for one’s dependents can be compromised.

When the stakes are so high, getting the best possible medico legal report, that will strengthen and support the claimant’s case is crucial. Poor quality reports can:

  • undervalue the damages to be awarded
  • waste time as clarification may need to be sought, frustrating all involved
  • weaken the overall case
  • diminish confidence in the professional authority of the expert witness

Clinical Partners have a team of over 160 nationwide clinicians, many of whom are experienced in producing medico legal reports and standing as expert witnesses. We will work with you to ensure reports are presented in the correct timeframe, format and budget and will only take on cases that we are suitably qualified to carry out.

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0203 761 7026

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0203 326 9160 0203 761 7026 0203 761 7027
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