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Dr Tamara Russell

MSc, PhD, D Clin Psych

Clinical Partners

Clinical Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer & Therapist

Location: London


Tamara Russell

Clinical Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer & Therapist

Dr Tamara Russell is a very warm, engaging and positive professional who has combined both extensive educational research and clinical experience.

She has experience working with individuals with chronic mental health issues. Combining her clinical, neuroscience and martial arts training, Dr Russell's integrative approach engages both body and mind by using mindfulness based therapeutic approaches. This approach allows clients who find themselves 'stuck' in situations and habits to explore new ways of being and move forward with their lives.

Dr Russell has also created the Body in Mind Training Programme - (BMT). BMT comprises gentle physical exercises conducted in a Mindful way to enhance mental and physical well-being. She works with individuals and with organizations advising on how to use Mindfulness techniques to optimise performance and improve mental and physical well-being.

She is very approachable and is passionate about working with individuals in times of crisis and helping them find solutions to the issues they are facing.


Tamara specialises in Mindfulness-based approaches to help clients work through a variety of mental health issues including:

Therapeutic Approaches

  • CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Humanistic approach
  • MBCT – Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Qualifications & Experience

Dr Russell is very accomplished and has obtained a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (UCL); a PhD in Psychology (Institute of Psychiatry, KCL); MSc Neuroscience (Institute of Psychiatry, KCL) and BSc Psychology (UCL). She has undertaken extensive clinical research, written extensively about psychiatric disorders and has had over 25 peer reviewed articles published. She has also worked in adult mental health teams and more recently has been a clinical psychologist for a Community Mental Health Team using CBT and mindfulness-based approaches with clients with complex needs including OCD, psychosis, psychotic depression, bipolar and emerging personality disorders.

She has trained with Professor Mark Williams in the delivery of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.


Dr Russell is a Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Trainer in London

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