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  • The UK’s largest independently owned Clinician Partnership.

    About Us: Caroline Scott

    Caroline Scott
    MBACP - Head of Client and Provider services

The UK’s largest independently owned Clinician Partnership.

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Our team of over 160 senior nationwide clinicians include psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, educational, forensic, and neuro psychologists. We provide services for adults, children, companies and other public and private sector organisations including the Armed Forces and NHS.

Wholly owned by our managers and staff

We choose our partners extremely carefully, and we look for senior and experienced clinicians with the human qualities we believe are essential – humility, kindness, integrity, and who share our passion for delivering safe, sensible and effective mental health services.

We can help you find the right treatment

Many of our clients are not sure exactly what will be most helpful to them, and they rely on our highly experienced triage team to advise them. The triage team members have clinical training and experience across a very wide range of specialism and settings, and they can give you expert advice on most situations. You can read more about them here.

Call us for help today
Call us for help today