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Autism assessments for children & teenagers

Autistic brains work differently, affecting how people communicate and interact with the world around them. With early diagnosis and intervention, autistic children and teenagers can thrive and reach their full potential.

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Signs of autism in children & teenagers

Autism is a spectrum disorder, so each child is unique, and their symptoms may vary.

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  • Social interaction and communication challenges
  • Difficulty initiating or maintaining conversations
  • Lack of interest in the activities of peers
  • Delayed language development
  • Specific sensory interests and sensory avoidance
  • Difficulty with imagination and play
  • Repetitive patterns of behaviour or activities
  • Not making eye contact or understanding social cues

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An autism diagnosis can open doors to resources and support that can make a huge difference, helping children develop the necessary skills to live more comfortably.

Early diagnosis is the first step to helping your child overcome challenges and support their unique differences.

What happens in an autism assessment?

A neurodevelopmental specialist trained and experienced in diagnosing autism will work with you and your child to fully understand their strengths and challenges.

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Subtypes of autism

The UK still recognises several subtypes of autism, highlighted across a 'spectrum'. The signs and characteristics of these subtypes vary in ways that they impact each child.

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Support for autistic children and young people

Once diagnosed, we can provide tailored guidance and support to help your child manage their day-to-day challenges and live more comfortably.

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Help your child reach their full potential

An early diagnosis can help your child live a more comfortable, fulfilling life. If you have any concerns about their development, it's important to have them assessed by a trained professional. Schedule an assessment for your child today.

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