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Right to Choose (NHS England)

If you are a registered NHS patient in England and your GP refers you for specialist treatment, such as an ADHD or autism assessment, you have the legal right to choose an appropriate healthcare provider. Our waiting time for Right to Choose assessments is up to 12 weeks.

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What Right to Choose services do we provide?

We currently provide the following services under the NHS Right to Choose Framework. All assessments are conducted via secure video link.

  • Right to choose ADHD assessments for adults
  • Right to choose autism assessments for children & young people (aged five and above)
  • Right to choose autism assessments for adults
  • Right to choose ADHD assessments for children & young people

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How does Right to Choose work?

We're working hard to make things easier for patients and healthcare professionals to book ADHD and autism assessments via Right to Choose.


Complete the relevant self-report questionnaire

Please ensure you complete the correct form. You can complete it online or print it and complete by hand. We cannot accept any referral without the relevant completed questionnaire, so please ensure your GP has this ready to upload to our secure form.

  1. Autism self-report for for children aged 5-11
  2. Autism self-report for young people aged 12 - 15
  3. Autism self-report for adults (aged 16 and over)
  4. ADHD self-report for children and young people
  5. ADHD self-report for adults


Speak to your local GP

Book and attend an appointment with your GP to discuss the suspected condition. Make sure to take your completed self-report questionnaire with you.


Ask to be referred to Clinical Partners

If your GP thinks an assessment is appropriate, ask to be referred to Clinical Partners under Right to Choose.


Your GP completes and submits our secure online form

Ask your GP to complete our online form below. All information will be handled securely and only used for clinical purposes. If your referral is accepted, we will contact you to arrange an appointment. If there are any issues with your referral, we will notify your GP at our earliest convenience.


We review your referral for suitability

If you meet the criteria for an assessment, we will add you to our waiting list. Once we have an available date, we will call you on the number your GP provided to arrange an appointment.

Referral form for GPs

Our quick form simplifies the referral process and must be completed by a GP or an appropriate professional at an NHS surgery in England. All information will be handled securely and only used for clinical purposes.

Please ensure you have the patient's completed self-report questionnaire, NHS number, and contact details ready.

Make a referral

What is Right to Choose?

The NHS Choice Framework gives all NHS patients in England the legal right to choose the service or hospital that provides their physical and mental health care. For example, if a GP refers someone for an ADHD or an autism assessment, in most cases, that person can choose the provider that best suits their needs.

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Why exercise your right to choose?

NHS waiting lists to receive an assessment are often very long. Understandably, many people on these waiting lists want to explore other options. Some people consider a private assessment, while others use their right to choose.

You can choose which consultant-led team will be in charge of your treatment as long as the selected provider is in England and is fully qualified to provide the required treatment.

What the NHS says

"You should always be offered a choice at the point of referral and an opportunity to discuss the options with the person referring you. If you feel you have not been offered a choice, you should speak to the person who is referring you in the first instance."

Why choose Clinical Partners?

With over 200 Autism and ADHD specialists, we are one of the UK's leading providers of ADHD and autism assessments.

  • Over 800 autism assessments delivered each month
  • All treatments follow NICE guidelines
  • All assessments are delivered by qualified, specialist clinicians
  • Over 300 ADHD assessments delivered each month
  • Waiting times are typically shorter than NHS waiting times 
  • We are an NHS registered provider

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For many people, a diagnosis as an adult is a sign of recognition, helping them understand their feelings, moods, and behaviours. Once diagnosed, we can introduce various techniques to manage challenges, which is why an assessment is so important.

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Consultant Psychiatrist

There are many complexities and questions surrounding Right to Choose. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Our current waiting time is 12 weeks or less. This is the same for Right to Choose ADHD and Right to Choose autism assessments.


Yes, we hold NHS standard contracts across England to provide NHS Right to Choose ADHD and autism assessments to adults, children, and young people.

Yes, as long as your GP agrees to change the referral to a Right to Choose ADHD assessment or Right to Choose autism assessment. If you would like to do this, please get in touch with us on 020 3761 7029, or email [email protected]

If your GP surgery is registered in England and your GP needs to refer you to a consultant or specialist in mental health, you have the legal right to choose your mental health service provider.

However, you do not have the right to choose if:

  • You require emergency treatment
  • You are currently serving a prison sentence, or if you're on temporary release
  • You are detained in prescribed accommodation
  • You serve in the armed forces
  • You have already received care and treatment for the condition
  • You are detained in a secure hospital environment
  • You are detained in a hospital under the Mental Health Act of 1983

We currently offer Right to Choose ADHD and Right to Choose autism assessments for adults, children, and young people.

To check on the status of a Right to Choose referral, please email [email protected] with your name and the details of your GP. We will investigate and respond to you in due course.

Many GPs are not aware of Right to Choose yet. The NHS has published a helpful framework that explains everything they need to know. Try sharing this link with them so they are fully informed: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-nhs-choice-framework

Right to Choose is a legal right. If you're not offered a choice at the point of referral, ask your doctor why and say you wish to go explore your options.

You will receive a clinical report containing your assessment results, followed by a feedback appointment where your clinician will discuss the assessment outcome and their clinical decisions. We will also send your clinical report to your GP.

We are currently unable to prescribe medication or provide titration for Right to Choose referrals, but we hope to offer this in the future.

Patient safety and high-quality care remain our top priorities. Before providing this service, we must ensure we can deliver medication safely, effectively and at the required scale.

We cannot currently provide prescriptions or titration following a Right to Choose assessment. If your clinician has recommended medication, they will include their recommendations in your clinical report, which will be sent to you and your GP.

Should you require medication, you can proceed with the NHS by speaking with your GP, or choose a suitable private provider.

Following your assessment, you will also have a feedback appointment with us where your clinician can explain the effects and benefits and answer any questions.