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Question 1

I am terrified of being overweight

Question 2

I avoid eating when I am hungry

Question 3

I find myself preoccupied with food

Question 4

I have eating binges where I feel I might not be able to stop

Question 5

I cut my food into small pieces before eating

Question 6

I know the calorie content of everything I eat

Question 7

I avoid foods high in carbohydrates

Question 8

Others have said they want me to eat more

Question 9

I have made myself vomit after eating

Question 10

I feel extreme guilt after eating

Question 11

I am preoccupied by my desire to be thinner

Question 12

I think about burning up calories when I exercise

Question 13

Other people think I am too thin

Question 14

I am preoccupied with the thought of having fat on my body

Question 15

I take longer to eat meals than other people do

Question 16

I avoid foods that are sugary

Question 17

I eat diet foods

Question 18

I feel that food controls my life

Question 19

I am self-controlled around food

Question 20

I feel that others pressurise me to eat

Question 21

I give a lot of time and thought to food

Question 22

I feel uncomfortable if I eat sweets

Question 23

I engage in dieting behaviour

Question 24

I like my stomach to be empty

Question 25

I have the impulse to vomit after eating

Question 26

I like to try new, rich foods

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When answering the above questions please consider how they have applied to you in the last month or so.

This test may be helpful in identifying if you are experiencing the common symptoms of Anorexia. The questions should only be used as an indicator of whether you may be at risk of having or developing Anorexia. They are not intended to replace a professional diagnosis.

Adapted from: Original publication of the EAT-26 test is: Garner, D.M., Olmsted, M.P., Bohr, Y., and Garfinkel, P.E. (1982). The Eating Attitudes Test: Psychometric features and clinical correlates. Psychological Medicine, 12, 871-878.

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