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  • Psychiatric, Psychological and Psychotherapy Services for Adults.

    Our team includes leading experts in their fields

    Dr Charlie Musters
    BSc MB BS MRCPsych MSc - Consultant Psychiatrist

Psychiatric, Psychological and Psychotherapy Services for Adults.

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Psychiatric Services

Whether you need help getting a diagnosis or ongoing treatment for an existing condition, we have psychiatrists all over the UK with a wide range of specialisms. You don’t need a GP referral and you will receive a full psychiatric report within 10 days from your appointment, including a diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.


Psychological Services

Our psychologists can offer psychometric and neuropsychological testing and assessment for individuals as well as on behalf of employers and other bodies, as well as a wide range of therapies including CBT, ACT, MBCT, EMDR and many others which are NICE recommended for various common mental health issues.


Psychotherapy Services

Our psychotherapists are also trained in many different therapeutic approaches and can help with all sorts of emotional and psychological difficulties, including anxiety, depression, relationships, trauma, and many others. There is a big overlap between the work of psychologist and psychotherapists and they can be interchangeable in some roles, but psychotherapist will tend to work more with emotional issues, where psychologists often work in a more cognitive way. There are many exceptions to this as it will depend greatly on the approach of the individual clinician, but we can advise you about which approach will work best for you.


Call us for help today
Call us for help today