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What Our Patients Say

"Dr Kripalani has helped me so much and I will always be immensely grateful for this. When I thought the issues I was struggling with were to do with me and my abilities I used to feel huge anxiety. However, through identifying and managing my ADHD, my life has turned around so much.

J. (London)

"Dr. Elanjithara was lovely and very professional. I spent two hours with Dr Elanjithara and I don't think I could have had better service.

L. (Leeds)

" I don't think you can improve the service I got from Clinical Partners. From the moment I contacted you, I felt that I was being helped. Stuart was really helpful and he recommended Dr Lohawala which was so right for us.

L. (Birmingham)

"Dr Vattakatuchery had complete empathy with my particular problem and asked many questions, whilst still allowing me to speak freely to get the most from the consultation. I felt he understood and cared about my individual needs and gave me reassurance during the consultation.

S. (Liverpool)

"There was such a high level of customer service, and a real determination to seek out the most favourable result for patients.

D. (Oxford)

"As complicated as my situation is Dr Malik was very friendly and that made a great difference to an already agitating situation. The service was very professional and I felt I had the help I needed.

P. (Leicester)

"Marie has always been extremely helpful, understanding and kind. When I first decided to reach out to Clinical Partners, I was at my breaking point. Her quick and non-judgmental responses were immediately comforting.

P. (London)

"Dr Khalid has given me an excellent caring and understanding service. I would certainly recommend him.

F. (Cardiff)

"A psychiatrist who didn't oversimplify my problems or make me feel as if they are trivial, Dr Rajput was non-judgmental and I felt at ease discussing extremely personal things. Definitely the best psychiatrist I've seen.

C. (Birmingham)

Call us for help today
Call us for help today