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What Our Patients Say

"The service was excellent and I would highly recommend it, from the easy access to a highly qualified and experienced professional to the prompt arrangement of appointment in a convenient location.

R. (Cambridge)

"I am not sure that the service could have been any better. I was able to get two consecutive appointments very quickly, after being on the NHS waiting list to see a specialist for a very long time. I have the outcome I have hoped for and feel much better. Thank you!

L. (Manchester)

" Fantastic service. Struggled for months to get a diagnosis from local mental health, called Clinical partners & had a diagnosis within three days. Dr K was brilliant.


"The service was tailored exactly to my needs. It felt very personal and helped me reflected and change the way I think about myself.

D. (Liverpool)

"By using Clinical Partners I didn’t need to wait on a waiting list, I got a diagnosis from a professional who went above and beyond what I paid for. I now have a full care plan and prescription. My GP has all this information (within 3 weeks) and my life has genuinely improved a thousand fold. Thank you.

J. (Oxford)

"It certainly has seemed to help so far with my anxiety. I felt at ease and relaxed during the appointment and look forward to the follow up discussions

R. (London)

"Dr Rajput was very friendly which helped put me at ease a little. It was a relief to put a name (ADHD) to what was wrong with my son and to get him on the medication he should have been on for years. Thank you to all the staff at clinical partners, the admin staff were very supportive throughout the whole process. I would definitely point others with the same problem in the direction of Clinical Partners.

N. (Birmingham)

"Dr Kripalani was extremely pleasant and patient. He listened to everything I had to say and was able to give me a provisional diagnosis that I'm now receiving help for.

S. (London)

"I received a warm welcome, my appointment was on time and my doctor clearly explained everything regarding my appointment and what would happen afterwards. I was made to feel very welcome and made sure I was understanding what was going on.

L. (Exeter)

"The attention to the detail of previous history leading up to the problem was impressive and we really felt that all aspects were considered in the final diagnosis and suggested treatment.


"Clinical Partners is client centred and available when I needed it most. They were very flexible with appointment times as well.

C. (Edinburgh)

"The doctor was very good and understanding and because of him I’m going to get the help I need. This is money well spent.

T. (Newcastle)

"Marie has always been extremely helpful, understanding and kind. When I first decided to reach out to Clinical Partners, I was at my breaking point. Her quick and non-judgmental responses were immediately comforting.

P. (London)

"I am not sure that the service could have been any better. I was able to get two consecutive appointments very quickly, after being on the NHS waiting list to see a specialist for a very long time. I have the outcome I have hoped for and feel much better. Thank you!

L. (Manchester)

"An overall excellent service. I was given an appointment with Dr. Aideen O'Kane within two days of approaching Clinical Partners; the triage team were very professional.

A. (Bristol)

"Please thank Dr Nwosu for her time and kindness when we were at a point of crisis. We've now got some help through the NHS. Her advice and insight was instrumental in getting my husband to realise he needed help. We are very grateful to her.

P. (London)

"I saw Dr Louisa Mann and she was wonderful, understand, she listened, didn't rush me. I would recommend her 100%.

D. (Cambridge)

"The appointment was what I expected from a Psychiatric Assessment and Medicine Review. I received the written report extremely quickly, considering I was warned there maybe a slight delay. The report also means I can go to my GP for further treatment rather than attending more appointments - which was a previous experience with another psychiatrist.

G. (Cardiff)

"There was exemplary level of professionalism exhibited by everyone in the Clinical Partners team with whom I had contact. All the way from the initial call to eventually visiting a physician the whole process was unassumingly smooth. In today's disjointed business world I found the whole ‘customer handling’ aspect very refreshing.


"As complicated as my situation is Dr Malik was very friendly and that made a great difference to an already agitating situation. The service was very professional and I felt I had the help I needed.

P. (Leicester)

"Clinical Partners provided me with a prompt appointment with one of their experts after a telephone consultation. Their service was professional and very thorough and provided me with all the support I needed in getting a diagnosis.

L. (Bristol)

"There was such a high level of customer service, and a real determination to seek out the most favourable result for patients.

D. (Oxford)

" I don't think you can improve the service I got from Clinical Partners. From the moment I contacted you, I felt that I was being helped. Stuart was really helpful and he recommended Dr Lohawala which was so right for us.

L. (Birmingham)

"Thank you for providing me with all the support I needed and getting a diagnosis which has given me a lot of answers to questions I have had and has given me finally some piece of mind which to me is priceless. Thank you so much.

F. (Cambridge)

"Clearly a lot of effort was put into not just the session but also the detailed written summary provided afterwards – I feel I understand myself better and what to do going forward.

J. (Edinburgh)

"I felt at ease with the consultant and she seemed to conduct a very thorough and in-depth examination which I do not think would normally have been available on the NHS.

C. (London)

"Dr. Miriam Al-Amin was a very pleasant lady to speak with. When sitting down with her I was very comfortable opening up to her. Were I to book another appointment I would certainly request to see her. Thank you Dr. Miriam Al-Amin.

C. (Manchester)

"My Psychiatrist was fantastic. I was put at ease straight away had confidence that i was in very capable hands. Her approach was friendly but professional.

S. (Cambridge)

"I found Dr Bhogal's counselling skills to be really excellent. I was always struck how fully aware Dr Bhogal was of my personal circumstances and how she applied this in a very personalised way to my own situation and treatment. I felt able to speak about everything openly and greatly benefitted from her professional skills and insight. She has helped me to explore aspects of my life and values and this is helping me to make significant life choices at a difficult time.

W. (Birmingham)

"Dr Bahn was excellent, she listened extremely well and gave me some really useful advice on next steps and how to regain control of my situation. She didn't rush and really made me feel as though I was valued and helped me to see I will make a full recovery and inspired me for the future. Overall there was professionalism, knowledge, support and confidentiality.


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