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There is no shame in finding life difficult at times - mental health issues affect us all.

We help people, from all walks of life, find the care and support they need in order to go on to live happier, more fulfilling lives.

We provide expert advice, over the telephone, to people looking for private mental health care. We can book appointments for you or a family member to be seen within a matter of weeks, even just days, but a senior, experienced clinician.

What do we do?

Put simply, we help you find the right clinician to assess or treat you. Many people know something is wrong, but don’t know if they should see a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist. Seeing the right clinician means you are much more likely to get better and not waste your money. We will help you decide on the best option.

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1. Call us

Call our triage team who will advise on what will be most helpful to you

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2. Book an appt.

Book an appointment, at a time that suits, to see a specialist near you

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3. Ongoing care

We can arrange follow ups and ongoing therapy, or may way want to go back to the NHS

You can find out more about the cost of these appointments on our fees page.

Common conditions in Adults & Children we diagnose/treat



 Children / Teens

Appointments we can book for you

If you are looking for advice about what type of appointment would be best for you or a loved one, or if you already know what help you are looking for - we can help. A free and confidential phone call with one of our triage team will help you understand what your options are, how much they will cost and when appointments are available (often within a week or so).


If you want a diagnosis, a second opinion or want to see a specialist in mental health, then an appointment with a Psychiatrist is the best place to start.


With evidence-based approaches such as CBT or DBT, psychologists will work with you to help you overcome emotional difficulties.


Similar to psychology, psychotherapists will use talking therapy to help you overcome areas in your life that are causing you distress or holding you back.

Family Therapy

The whole family is affected when one person is experiencing difficulties, so family therapy can be key to getting back on the right path.

Who do we help?

We help thousands of individuals and families find the right mental health support they need every year. There are lots of reasons why people choose to go privately for their appointments, including:

  • Long waiting lists on the NHS
  • Wanting a second opinion
  • Personal choice
  • Wanting to see a specific clinician
  • Wanting to see specialist
  • Convenience of appointments

We help the following groups:

Private Patients

Private patients
You can contact us for assessment, diagnosis, treatment and therapy for both adults and children. You will be seen by one of our experienced partners in once of our nationwide clinic rooms.

NHS Trusts and CCGs

NHS Trusts and CCGs
Our partners can provide a range of flexible workforce solutions that can be quickly deployed to reduce and clear your waiting list or simply to give you increased capacity.

Private Medical Insurers

Private Medical Insurers
Our partners work for most of the UKs leading Private Medical Insurers.

Legal Professionals

Legal professionals
Our partners can provide fast, high quality expert reporting on your client.

Case Managers

Case managers
We work for a number of the UKs leading case managers looking after large volumes of clients requiring mental health care


If you need help dealing with an employment situation requiring specialist mental health input, we can help.

Private and NHS GPs

Private and NHS GPs
If your patient requires any kind of outpatient mental health care our partnerscan help

The Psychiatrist my daughter saw was experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate, even changing their plan to help fit in around my daughter’s schedule.

Kay, Bristol


We know private healthcare isn't cheap, but we try and keep the cost to you at a minimum, whilst still ensuring you will see a senior, very experienced clinician who can offer you the very best of mental healthcare. This is really important to us; all too often we hear from people who have not received the diagnosis and treatment they need because they have not been able to see a specialist.

Unfortunately we cannot accept NHS referrals where they have not been commissioned by a CCG, hospital trust or GP, but we always encourage patients looking for NHS funding to talk to their GP about whether there is an option for their appointment to be funded by the NHS. You can read more about our fees.

Private sector clients

  • Babcock
  • Embrace
  • Farrer & Co
  • Olswang
  • Shelley Park
  • Slater + Gordon
  • Unison
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Irwin Mitchell
  • Moet Hennessy
  • Bowercross Construction

Public sector clients

HMP clients

Our locations

Clinicians work out of 21 locations – in comfortable, accessible rooms. Most of our clinics are open 7 days a week and during evenings, allowing you to find appointments that can fit in around your life.

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