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Discover critically acclaimed comics by artist Rebecca Burgess that explore what it’s really like to be autistic.

If you, your child or family member have recently been diagnosed with autism, you may have lots of questions. One good way to begin to explore and understand the unique experience of the being on the autistic spectrum is to hear from autistic adults and learn from their life experiences. They’re the real experts after all.

The following comics are the work of Rebecca Burgess, a talented artist and autistic advocate. She first released “Understanding the Spectrum” during Autism Acceptance Week in 2016, and it went viral as autistic people, parents and teachers discovered it helped them explain what it’s like to be autistic in a more accurate and understandable way.


Rebecca was really excited by the positive reaction, and has since worked with the National Autistic Society, the Guardian and others to continue to help autistic and neurotypical people understand the spectrum better.

Her second comic was produced with the National Autistic Society and focuses on advice from autistic people about the kind of small changes everyone can make in order to create an environment that can make autistic people and all kinds of people more comfortable in day to day life. It also incorporates advice for autistic people in what they can do to make neurotypical people more comfortable too.

The 'Understanding Autism' comic collection by artist Rebecca Burgess are shared courtesy of The Guardian

Her third comic is called “Hear Our Spectrum of Voices,” and includes the words of a range of other autistic advocates.

People are hugely misinformed and to be able to build upon my first comic that breaks myths and stereotypes is so rewarding. It was so amazing to be able to incorporate the quotes from other autistic advocates. This will really help people have a deeper understanding about the autism experience.

spectrum of voices comic

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