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Family therapy is also known as ‘family and systemic psychotherapy’ and can be hugely beneficial for any family unit in overcoming the difficulties we can all experience.

Is Family Therapy right for me?

You don’t just have to be parents with children to benefit from family counselling or therapy. In fact, a ‘family’ can be any group that identifies themselves as being so – for instance couples, grandparents and blended families.

Family life has its up and downs, sometimes things run smoothly and at other times it can feel chaotic and stressful. Family therapy offers a valuable opportunity for family members to come together in a neutral space and have those discussions that might be considered to be too tricky to have at home. Family therapists are there to facilitate discussions, to see the issues from a different light and help conversations stay useful, focussed and healthy.

Clinical Partners have a team of family therapists who are able to support your family to create a happier, more harmonious life together.
You can arrange an appointment by calling 020 3761 7026 or use the contact us form to request a call back.


What can family therapy help with?

Family counselling therapy can offer valuable support when things are at crisis point in a family, however it can also be incredibly useful at any time.

The following issues are ones that are commonly dealt with in family therapy:

    • Couple relationship difficulties
    • Support with adult, child or adolescent mental health issues
    • Child, adolescent and adult behavioural difficulties
    • Parenting issues – see also parenting support
    • Anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders
    • Adoption and fostering – read more about how we work with the ASF
    • Self-harm
    • Addiction and substance abuse – alcohol, drugs and gambling
    • Changes to life style, for instance one parent working abroad
    • Domestic violence and abuse

Families can become a melding pot of emotions and frustrations, often the emotions we are experience in our families are stronger than we experience anywhere else. Resentments and frustrations can build and fester, arguments can be destructive and fiery, communications can be difficult and strained.

What all hope that our family environment will be calm and happy, and when things go wrong it can make functioning in the other parts of our life extremely difficult as well. Family therapy provides a supportive space to work through emotions and difficulties in a sensible and constructive way as well as providing tools that can be used in further years.


What to expect from a family therapy session

Your session will last between 50 and 90 minutes during which time your family members may see the therapist as a whole or may choose to have some individual time alone with the therapist.

This is nothing to worry about, sometimes it’s incredibly useful to have some time to work out how to communicate something you find really difficult.

Your family therapist will not take sides or be biased towards one particular person. Their role is to facilitate the session, helping individuals hear and understand each other as well as using their training to understand the issues at hand and work with your family to remedy these. It’s very natural to have concerns that you will be judged or deemed a bad person, but it is important to remember that family therapists don’t judge and have years of experience of seeing families, just like yours, struggle with the cards that life can deal.

To discuss whether family therapy is the right thing for you, please call 020 3761 7026 or use the contact us form to talk to one of our clinical advisors today.

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