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Abortion Counselling and Support

Terminating a pregnancy is a difficult decision for anyone to make and it is always advisable to speak to a professional about concerns prior and post the operation.

How Can We Help You?

By calling our counselling team on 0203 326 9160. We will recommend one of our psychotherapy team who specialise in helping women and their partners deal with the issues associated with abortion.

Calls to us are completely confidential.

Why Abortion Counselling Can Help

The circumstances relating to the abortion can make an individual more susceptible to experiencing psychological or emotional issues. Including:

  • The existence of previous psychological or emotional issues
  • The abortion being made for medical reasons or in the later stages of the pregnancy
  • Religious/ moral or ethical beliefs that conflict with abortion
  • A belief that the abortion was forced upon an individual
  • Lack of support from family or friends

Whatever the reason, or the circumstance, this can be a very stressful time for a woman and her family, yet it can also be a moment when, because of stigma or secrecy, she finds herself most isolated. For this reason professional help can be vital.

The Emotional Impact of an Abortion

Each individual will experience different feelings about an abortion and will cope in different ways. The emotional and psychological effects following a termination, however, are more common than potential physical side effects. Depending on the circumstances feelings can range from mild regret to more serious complications like depression.

Some clinicians – particularly in the USA have found that the traumatic experience of abortion can lead to such serious mental health problems, the term Post Abortion Syndrome, or PAS, has been coined to capture the clinical issues. This appears to share features with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and includes many symptoms of trauma, such as flashbacks and denial, along with depression, grief, anger, shame, guilt, and substance abuse.

There is huge variability in the way women react to a termination, and not all will suffer with PAS. A wide range of other psychological responses occur, and a lot seems to depend on an individual's background, personality and circumstances.

It should also be noted that feelings associated with the abortion can spill out at any time and not necessarily immediately after the abortion.

Why Clinical Partners?

Clinical Partners have a team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors throughout the UK who are experienced in this area and will be able to offer full abortion support and advice for you and your family.

By calling our Admissions Counsellor on 0203 326 9160 you will be able to talk in confidence about your situation and we can recommend a specialist to assist you.

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