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Compulsive Shopping & Spending

Counselling for Compulsive Overspending

Compulsive overspending or shopping addiction can be a destructive addiction with serious financial and personal consequences. This not about having an occasional shopping splurge it is a habitual behavior where one out-of-control shopping spree is never enough.

How Can I Get Help for my Shopping Addiction?

By calling our counselling team on 0203 326 9160 We will recommend one of our psychotherapy team who specialise in compulsive overspending and addictive shopping.

Treatment starts with an initial meeting, in which you will chat with one of our counsellors. If you decide that you are comfortable with them and that you can speak with them easily, you will start to work with them on your plan for recovery.

Calls to us are completely confidential.

How do you know if you have compulsive overspending disorder?

In spite of the negative consequences of over spending, individuals find themselves on yet another shopping binge for items they don't really need and may never even use. Suffers often feel genuinely out of control when in an environment where spending is possible. They may lie about how much they've spent, they may conceal price tags and receipts, and go to extraordinary lengths to juggle their finances and keep up with monthly payment demands.

Spending addiction is an attempt to try to "buy" happiness—to feel admired, to feel accepted, to feel empowered, to push away troubling feelings, like self-doubt or self-disappointment—and can risk ruining everything you hold dear.

Drug and alcohol abuse as well as gambling frequently co-occur. Suffers are often not taken seriously by relatives and friends; seen as merely spoilt or over indulgent. Yet the reality is that personal and financial ruin is often the consequence, spreading way beyond an individual to an entire family.

What is behind the disorder and what is the treatment for Compulsive Overspending

One theory is that it's the pattern of what is bought that reveals the underlying psychological issues. Some spend on luxurious objects which may be designed to impress others, revealing that they believe their relationships can be mediated through a need to make an astounding impact. Deep down low, or fragile self-esteem, appears then to be a problem, perhaps rising from an early childhood set of unhelpful experiences.

Treatment management requires specialist experience that harnesses financial management techniques, not just psychotherapy.

How can Clinical Partners help with Compulsive Overspending?

Clinical Partners have a team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists who experienced in the treatment of Compulsive Overspending and will be able to offer a full assessment and diagnosis.

We are also able to offer the best therapeutic approach which combines short term needs to manage finances, with longer term perspectives of getting at the root causes.

By calling our Admissions Counsellor on 0203 326 9160 you will be able to talk in confidence about your situation and we can recommend a specialist to assist you.

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