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Divorce Counselling and Support

Divorce is a dreadfully stressful event. It often comes after a series of incredibly difficult times within a relationship, as it breaks down. For a variety of reasons divorce is associated with an exceptionally negative impact on mental as well as physical health. While many seek a 'non-acrimonious' divorce, this is in practice very difficult to achieve. Another strain, is putting up a front to the outside world, that it's 'non-acrimonious', while battling hatred and anger for the partner.

Surviving the turmoil of Divorce

Divorce can seem a terrible failure, but in fact there are still positive goals to seek when in the midst of this maelstrom. These might be that the children, if there are any, are not too negatively affected. Another might be simple survival on your part. You may require assistance in how to deal with an impossible person who has their own mental health issues. It may therefore, for all these reasons, be helpful to gain communication and strategy tips from professionals who have a lot of experience in splitting-up and offering divorce support.

Plus what about if one person wants' a divorce but the other doesn't? This doesn't mean there aren't useful things that can be learnt from a break up to help avoid repetition in the future.

Just because a divorce is occurring doesn't mean that the prospect of happiness is impossible, though it can sometimes seem that way. The key is to negotiate your way through this minefield. Some divorces, believe it or not, can lead to much happier divorcees, if handled properly, than many married people.

Separation and Divorce Counselling

Even if your partner or ex-partner refuses to come with you for help, our experienced therapists can help you cope when it all seems too much. Divorce can be a heavy blow to the self-esteem and this can mean you need support to help you continue to look after your interests and build a better future for yourself.

Just because this relationship didn't work out doesn't mean there isn't the right person for you out there or that happiness outside this marriage isn't possible. The legal dimension means that it's useful to have psychotherapeutic professionals involved who understand the way lawyers think and know how to help you protect your lawful interests.

How can we help with divorce?

Clinical Partners have a team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Divorce Counsellors who are experienced providing support for couples divorcing and we will be able to offer full divorce support and advice for you, your partner and your family. Please call Caroline on 0203 326 9160 who will be able to arrange an appointment for you to speak with a professional.

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