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Motherhood Stresses

Stress associated with Parenthood

There is some interesting research which finds that mothers in middle age are much more likely to be depressed in modern times than back in the 1950's and the reason for this remains mysterious. One theory is that motherhood might have become more stressful in recent times. This might be because mother's today are juggling much more than ever before particularly if they have careers as well.

Motherhood today seems much more replete with guilt that the mum is not doing a good enough job. Also mums seem to feel more than ever at the centre of a web of relationships and take responsibility for ensuring that everyone in the family is OK from husbands to children to parents to in-laws. Perhaps mums today are more isolated because of greater geographic mobility and can't rely on the kind of support they would have got from their mum's and neighbours.

Also because there are so many different theories now about how to bring up children, it could be that we have more disagreement with each other about how this should be done, and this means we tend to be more isolated in our child care than before. When there was a greater consensus, you could more easily rely on neighbours or nurseries to take care of our kids, with little worry. This took the pressure off.

Coping with the stress of Motherhood

Whatever the reason, the reality is motherhood has never before been as stressful and mums need skilled support to help them through this difficult time, particularly as mothers are perhaps the most important bedrocks on which all stable successful and happy communities are built.

Support and Counselling for Mothers

Clinical Partners have a team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors who have experience counselling mothers and we will be able to offer full support and advice for you.

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