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Work and Career Counselling

Clinical Partners offers a range of approaches to dealing with work stress and career issues.

Around 25% of our entire lives are spent at work – so it's no surprise the office is the source of so many life issues such as stress, bullying and low confidence, motivation or self-esteem.

Even if things are going well, we can find ourselves overworking, unable to switch off, losing touch with our friends and family. And then there are the effects of other, related factors, such as finding ourselves living beyond our means.

Health at work is central to our identity and well-being, so if you're struggling you need to know where to turn for help.

How can Clinical Partners help?

Clinical Partners offers a range of approaches to dealing with work and career issues. We have a dedicated team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists and Business Psychologists with a deep understanding of workplace problems and many years' experience helping people through them.

Our Clients include CEO's, city professionals, senior executives and professionals from every industry. Our experience and background in this area allows us to understand the issues faced in demanding work environments and offer focused and effective solutions.

Call us on 0203 326 9160 to discuss how we can best help you.  We are also able to help if you feel you are also struggling with depression, alcohol or drug dependency.

Counselling for work and career issues.

Issues at work or in your career can really affect your health, your performance at work and your home life and relationships. Our team is able to offer support with a range of issues including:

  • Helping to address unhealthy work life balance
  • Anger Management
  • Lack of confidence or fear of public speaking
  • Stress management and anxiety
  • Bullying at work
  • Redundancy
  • Retirement
  • Conflicts
  • Alcohol or drug dependency

Our team is able to offer a number of different approaches to help address your issues including:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Psychodynamic Counselling
  • Mindfulness Training

Business Psychology

Clinical Partners also work with a team of business psychologist who are experts in helping individuals boost their performance at work through tailored one-to-one coaching. The specific focus depends upon your individual needs but can include achieving more productive relationships at work, building specific skills, or helping you shape your career path.

What should you do next?

The first important step is to realise you can do something about your problem, however overwhelming it might seem. The next is to:

  • call our Counselling Team and tell us what you're looking for help with
  • we'll recommend one of our highly qualified, experienced specialists
  • you'll have an initial meeting with them
  • and if you feel comfortable then the two of you will put together a plan

The number of sessions you book depends on what you and your therapist feel will work best.

So if you want to find out what we could do for you then call our Work and Career Counselling Team for a confidential chat on 0203 326 9160.

Call us today: 0203 326 9160 0203 761 7026 0203 761 7027 0203 326 9160 0203 761 7026 0203 761 7027

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