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Bullying Advice & Support

How can Clinical Partners help you overcome bullying?

If you feel bullied either at work, at home, at school or through cyber bullying - it is best to talk it over with someone.

Our approach is to not just provide support at a time when you feel isolated, but to assist with practical and effective solutions.

Clinical Partners have a team of Counsellors and therapists and Psychologists who have extensive experience in supporting individuals who are being bullied.

By calling our Admissions Counsellor on 0203 326 9160 they will discuss your situation and recommend a specialist for you.

Counselling for Bullying

Bullying to most people refers to some temporary unpleasant episode at school. In fact, bullying at work is increasingly recognised as a widespread problem and a very common cause of common psychological problems.

The effect of being bullied

Victims of bullying often find it hard to talk about, the events are so traumatising, but another difficulty is communicating what it's like to be bullied, because capturing the experience with words, doesn't usually do justice to the ordeal.

Bullying includes repeated hostile verbal and nonverbal interactions which result in a negative impact on your inner self. Your view of yourself as a competent worker or person becomes undermined. Bullying ranges from cutting off communication, promoting general ostracism, to teasing and angry outbursts. Legally, recently, the absence of certain standard expected workplace behaviours, such as systematically not providing support and information, have also been deemed bullying.

Those who are bullied end up ashamed and afraid to go for help as they blame themselves for their victim-hood.

Bullying in the Workplace

It's crucial to understand that it is the highly competent, extroverted, and self-assured employees who are most likely to trigger bullying and mobbing (organised bullying across more than one individual). The competitive culture of an organisation are also crucial background factors, and are also vital to appreciate, as organisational cultural change may be one of the lines of attack when tackling bullying.

To overcome bullying at work, Clinical Partners offers consultancy to organisations to assist develop an anti-bullying environment.

It's firstly vital to understand the psychology of the predicament. Bullies display a recurring constellation of psychological characteristics which assists in dealing with them. Their actions arise out of their need to protect self-esteem. They feel threatened and respond with dominance and assertions of superiority. Frustration, envy, anger and anxiety are indeed often present in the bully – this is not to excuse this unacceptable behaviour, but it's useful to grasp what are the true foundations of this predicament in order to be able to tackle it.

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