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Question 1

Any reminder brought back feelings about the event/s2

Question 2

I had trouble staying asleep

Question 3

Other things kept making me think about it

Question 4

I felt irritable and angry

Question 5

I avoided letting myself get upset when I thought about it or was reminded of it

Question 6

I thought about the event when I didn't mean to

Question 7

I felt as if the event hadn't happened or it wasn't real

Question 8

I have stayed away from reminders about the situation

Question 9

Images and pictures of the event pop into my mind

Question 10

I have been jumpy and easily startled

Question 11

I have tried not to think about the situation

Question 12

I am aware I have a lot of feelings about what happened but I haven’t dealt with them

Question 13

I feel quite ‘numb’ about the situation

Question 14

I have found myself acting / feeling like I am back at the time of the event

Question 15

I have had trouble falling asleep

Question 16

I experience waves of strong feelings about the situation

Question 17

I have tried to remove the situation from my memory

Question 18

I have trouble concentrating on things I am supposed to do

Question 19

Reminder of the event cause me to have physical reactions such as sweating, palpitations, panic attacks

Question 20

I have dreams about the situation

Question 21

I feel on-guard and struggle to relax

Question 22

I try not to talk about the situation

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When answering the above questions please consider how they have applied to you in the last month or so.

This test may be helpful in identifying whether you are experiencing some of the most common signs of Post Traumatic Stress. They are not intended to replace a professional diagnosis. PTSD occurs following a disturbing or traumatic event. Symptoms often show in the first few months, but for some, the signs are not experienced for several months or even years following the event.

Adapted from: Weiss,D.S. & Marmar,C.R. The impact of event scale-revised. in Wilson,J.P. & Kean,T.M. (eds.) Assessing psychological trauma and PTSD: a practitioner’s handbook (ch 15). N.Y: Guildford, 1995

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