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1 in 100 adults have an autistic spectrum disorder in the UK

Autistic spectrum disorders are neurodevelopmental disorders. As the name suggests, the symptoms and severity can vary hugely between those diagnosed with autism.

Some people with autism have very severe learning disabilities and cannot lead independent lives. Many more have autism to a milder degree, able to live independent lives but often finding life a struggle.

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'Autism characteristics are threefold - social difficulties, communication difficulties and ritualised behaviour - we all show autistic traits to some degree.'

The importance of an autism / asperger's diagnosis

Sadly, many with autism reach adulthood without ever being diagnosed (for many the disorder was not well recognised when they were children).

Without diagnosis life can be tough. Individuals with autism often know they are different from others, but are unsure why. People with autism frequently find social interaction and communication difficult and confusing, resulting in difficulties maintaining relationships and holding down jobs.

Unfortunately some people experience stigmatization when seeking a diagnosis for autism in adulthood – some GPs and health care professionals do not understand why it is so important as the person has seemingly led a successful life up until that point. Therefore finding a psychiatrist who really understands the disorder and has experience of diagnosing adults is vital.

Clinical Partners have a team of psychiatrists working nationwide, who are able to diagnose and assess for autistic spectrum disorders. You can read more here about diagnosing autistic spectrum disorders.

Who does autism affect?

Autism affects all aspects of society but we know that approximately five times as many men as women have autism.

Diagnosing autism in women is often poor – it is thought that women are better able to mask some of the social interaction problems often experienced with autism and hence ‘slip under the radar’ at school or later on in life.

Approximately half of all people with ASD will also have a learning disability and other mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety or OCD. Getting a diagnosis may seem scary, but it can really help people understand their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Clinical Partners offers a comprehensive autism assessment, with psychiatrists who are experienced in diagnosing adults. Our team of qualified clinical advisors can discuss whether an assessment would be useful for you and arrange your appointment in a location convenient to you.

To talk to one of our team please call today on 0203 326 9160.

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  • Many thanks for this and all your work in helping us get here far more swiftly than we have managed with the NHS. It is much appreciated, and you and Dr Chowdhury have helped greatly in relieving the stress we have been feeling by getting us to a place where we know what is going on, and what we need to do for our son.

  • I would recommend Clinical Partners to anyone who has been struggling with getting a diagnosis, it can totally transform your lives as it has ours.

  • I was fed up with life when I contacted Katie at Clinical Partners, her response to my call and the support thereafter kept me alive.

  • Dr Alison was very caring and approachable. Your approach and response to my call will be remembered for a very long time.

  • Just saw J. He wanted me to tell you how much he appreciated the way you spoke to him on the phone Caroline. He said you made him feel human again when he felt quite suicidal. He was really pleased he was seen so quickly.

  • We met with the doctor today, he was great, we felt at ease with him, he was very professional in his approach and obviously knew what he was doing! Thank you for your help in arranging such a quick appointment.

  • SO grateful to Clinical Partners - well Simon - for the confirmation of NOT having Cyclothymia. Am attempting now to stabilise and get well - something I was told would not happen when diagnosed with Cyclothymia (for life!).

  • I would like to thank the Clinical Partners staff for asking about us. I like to let you know that M's physical and psychological health is great. With my best regards and respect.

  • You have been fantastic at helping T see the help he can get and I am so grateful. Again thank you so much, I really do appreciate the efforts you have put in.

  • Thank you for setting us (and me in particular) off down the road. I will always be grateful to you, and I do feel that you spent a lot of time on my case without much reward.

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