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Dementia is a neurological condition, affecting over 800,000 people in the UK.

Professor Reinhard Heun

Professor Reinhard Heun
Professor of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and Consultant Neurologist

The Importance of Correct Diagnosis:

There are many causes for memory loss; misdiagnosis may result in incorrect treatment, which can actually cause further harm. This is why a specialist dementia assessment is so important.

What Is a Dementia Assessment?

The Importance of Early Diagnosis:

Starting the treatment process as early as possible can really help slow the progress of the illness. That is why we would always advise seeking help and advice as soon as you think something might be wrong.

How Is Dementia Treated?

Understanding Dementia Symptoms:

There are several types of dementia conditions, but many share similar symptoms including memory loss, personality changes, reduced cognitive skills and emotional problems

Read the Full Range of Symptoms

Why Choose Clinical Partners?

We can usually detect dementia in the early stages, by using diagnostic tools including:

  • Neurological examinations
  • Specialist investigations including blood tests and brain imaging (CT, MRI, EEG, PET or SPECT)
  • Neuropsychometric testing

We have a team who have many years experience in diagnosing and treating dementia issues:

  • Specialist psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists depending on your needs
  • A number of easily accessible nationwide clinics across the UK
  • Appointment available within weeks
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