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The Clinical Partners’ Dementia Assessment is a fully comprehensive assessment, looking at all areas of an individual’s life.

This helps us most accurately assess whether there is onset of dementia.

You can be confident that the dementia test offered by Clinical Partners meets best practice standards suggested by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence); in fact many NHS dementia assessments do not go into as much detail as we do.

Our aim is to fully understand our patient’s symptoms and use this knowledge, teamed with our expertise, to determine the best treatment programme upon diagnosing dementia.

What does the Assessment involve?

1) A preliminary 2 hour meeting with a neuropsychologist who will review your medical history and ask you questions to understand what is the current situation is.

It is very understandable that you might feel nervous or worried about your assessment. It might help, before the initial assessment, to write down some notes to discuss with your clinician. For instance:

  • How long have you noticed something is not right for?
  • What type of things have you noticed?
  • Are there particular things you find difficult?
  • You might want to ask friends or family to comment on what they have noticed

2) You may be recommended to have a full physical screening, which could include blood screening and an MRI scan, to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to your symptoms. You can arrange to do this via the NHS or we can arrange for this privately.

3) You will meet with your neuropsychologist twice more, to undertake psychological testing for dementia, answer questions and to help him or her understand your symptoms fully. The neuropsychologist may also meet with someone from your friends or family who can add useful information.

4) Once the dementia test is completed your clinician will write a full, comprehensive report with a diagnosis where possible and treatment plans. You will meet to discuss this report face to face.

How long does the dementia assessment process last?

Depending on your availability to make appointments and how long it takes for any medical screening to take place, the whole process of testing for dementia can take approximately 4 weeks from your initial assessment to the results being sent to you.

You can talk to one of our trained staff today to discuss whether a dementia assessment may be a good idea for you or a loved one. Please call 0203 326 9160

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