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Question 1

Do you have a regular daily eating pattern?

Question 2

Would you say you are a strict dieter?

Question 3

If you break your diet, do you feel like a failure?

Question 4

Do you count calories all the time, regardless of being on a diet?

Question 5

Do you ever fast for a whole day as a way of controlling your weight?

Question 6

Does your eating pattern severely disrupt your life?

Question 7

Would you say food, or thoughts of food, dominates your life?

Question 8

Do you ever eat so much that you become uncomfortably full?

Question 9

Would you say you can control your eating?

Question 10

Do you worry that you have very little control over what you eat?

Question 11

Do you ever experience overpowering urges to binge eat?

Question 12

Does the thought of becoming fat terrify you?

Question 13

When you feel anxious, do you tend to eat?

Question 14

Do you turn to food as a comfort, for instance when feeling sad or anxious?

Question 15

Do you ever eat large amounts of food, very quickly, outside of meal times?

Question 16

Do you ever binge on large amounts of food?

Question 17

Are you ashamed of your eating habits?

Question 18

Are you able to leave food on your plate, if you are full?

Question 19

Do you ever lie about how much you have eaten?

Question 20

Does the amount you eat depend on how hungry you are?

Question 21

Do you feel miserable following binges?

Question 22

Do you ever feel extreme guilt following a period of overeating?

Question 23

Do you ever eat in secret?

Question 24

Do you eat ‘normally’ in front of others, but then binge on your own?

Question 25

Do you overeat around other people?

Question 26

Do you consider your eating habits to be normal?

Question 27

Would you say you are a compulsive eater?

Question 28

Does your weight fluctuate by more than 5lbs / 2kg a week?

Question 29

Do you go to great lengths to satisfy a binge – for instance midnight trips to local shop?

Question 30

Do you use pills, laxatives, diuretics or make yourself vomit to help lose weight?

Question 1 of 30

When answering the following questions please consider how they have applied to you in the last 3 months and select the answer that applies most closely to you.

For the purposes of this online test, a ‘binge’ is an episode of eating where you feel out of control of what you are eating and which is distressing to you.

This test may be helpful in identifying if you are experiencing the common symptoms of Bulimia. The questions are designed only to give an indicator of whether you may be at risk of having or developing bulimia. They are not intended to replace a professional diagnosis.

Based on: the "Bulimic Investigatory Test, Edinburgh" (BITE) rating scale

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