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Do I have a Binge Eating Disorder?

The following questions may be helpful in identifying if you are experiencing the common symptoms of a Binge Eating Disorder.

The questions are based on the ‘Binge Eating Scale’ rating scale and should only be used as an indicator of whether you may be at risk of having or developing a binge eating disorder. They are not intended to replace a professional diagnosis.

Adults only

This test is designed for people over 18 only. Please do not take the test if you are aged under 18.

Answer Honestly

There is no need to be ashamed if you are having a tough time. Answer the questions as honestly as possible.


No one will see your test results but you. Unless you choose to save or share them.

When answering the following questions please consider how they have applied to you in the last 3 months.

Question 1

I feel very self-conscious about my weight and body size – it stops me from socialising

Question 2

I eat meals much more quickly than others and seem to eat a lot more than others as well

Question 3

I feel in control of how much I eat

Question 4

I often feel desperate that I can’t be more in control of what I eat

Question 5

When I am bored I can’t help but eat, nothing can distract me

Question 6

I often eat, even though I am not hungry, because it is a habit

Question 7

Sometimes I eat because I am ‘mouth’ hungry but I spit the food out, so I don’t put on weight

Question 8

I have strong feelings of self-hate or guilt if I overeat

Question 9

It’s easy for me to get back on track with a diet or healthy eating regime

Question 10

My life seems to be ‘feast’ or ‘famine’ with very little moderation

Question 11

I often feel uncomfortably full after eating, even to the point of making myself sick

Question 12

I eat about the same amount of food every day, I rarely ‘binge’

Question 13

I feel in control of my urge to eat and can distract myself

Question 14

I will keep eating, even when I am full, and it has become uncomfortable

Question 15

Sometimes I make myself sick because I am so uncomfortably full

Question 16

I feel so self-conscious eating around other people that I will only eat small amounts

Question 17

I eat three meals a day and don’t snack very often

Question 18

Some days I will eat all day, with no defined meal times

Question 19

Some days all I think about is food, I feel out of control

Question 20

I don’t know how physically hungry I really am and think I eat more than I need

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Adapted from: the Binge Eating Scale rating scale.

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