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Counselling for Anxiety

Friday, 30 September 2011. Posted in Anxiety & Stress, Treatments & Therapy

It’s normal at times to feel anxious and tense when facing a stressful situation or when under pressure. With the current economic climate it sometimes feels we are all under a collective cloak of anxiety! Anxiety obviously is a natural mechanism that can help us stay alert and focused – even motivated. It is when the anxiety becomes constant or becomes overwhelming and affects your ability to function at work or disrupts your home life or is causing problems in your relationships that it is time to consider help. Treatment however can have a positive impact and help you to resolve your anxiety so that you can return to your normal life. At Clinical Partners we have a number of treatment options available depending on your situation including Psychotherapy for Anxiety, CBT treatment for Anxiety and Mindfulness training. If you find anxiety is affecting your life then call Clinical Partners on 0203 326 9160 and we can help you. To read more about Anxiety and the different ways that Anxiety can manifest itself or Additional Resources and Information on Anxiety (2) 

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