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Treating Orthorexia

Thursday, 08 December 2011. Posted in Eating Disorders

When healthy eating becomes an illness

Following a healthy diet does not mean you are orthorexic, and nothing is wrong with eating healthfully.

Healthy eating does become harmful however when:

  • You focus almost completely on your diet and is the main focal point of your life and you have little time for anything else in your life
  • The focus creates social isolation because life is planned around food
  • If you ‘slip-up’ and deviate from the diet you are filled with self-loathing and guilt and shame that can be overwhelming
  • It is used to avoid life issues.


Finding Treatment for Orthorexia

At Clinical Partners we have a team of clinicians who specialise in treating eating disorders and also have experience of treating Orthorexia.  To discuss arranging treatment please call our clinical team on 0203 326 9160 and we can arrange a consultation for you with one of our specialists.

If you think you may need treatment,
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