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Adoption and Mental Health

Support Adoption

As its National Adoption Week we thought we would share some interesting stats and facts with you on adoption and mental health.

Often, a mental health assessment is the first step to getting things on track. Once you have a clearer understanding of your child’s needs you can focus on recommended treatments. Depending on the diagnosis there are plenty of treatment options available, including the following:


Why do adopted children often need extra support?

Many adopted children have a challenging start in life, having come from chaotic, neglected and sometimes abusive backgrounds. These early memories and experiences have a significant impact on an individual’s future development and behaviour. In some cases, issues may not arise for several years making it even more confusing when they do.

Adoption Support Fund

Adopted children most commonly experience the following conditions:



What is the Adoption Support Fund?

The Adoption Support Fund is a centrally allocated Government fund, enabling additional support for adoptive families that need extra help. Whilst there isn’t a definitive list of treatments, first4adoption lists the types of treatments that are eligible through the Adoption Support Fund, many of these we can help with.


We understand that going for a psychiatric assessment and even talking about mental health can be extremely challenging and daunting for children and adolescents, as well as parents. This why we have put together a guide for children to read, so they can find out a bit more about what Clinical Partners do and what to expect in an appointment.

Download our Children's Guide


We also have a Statement of Purpose document available for download, clarifying Clinical Partners’ role and mental health services. We are an Ofsted registered Support Agency, helping children and adopted families nationwide.

Statement of Purpose


You can find out some insightful facts and stats about adoption and mental health below. If you would like to help raise awareness and let people know they’re not alone, please share this video or infographic on social media.


Adoption and Mental Health Infographic

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