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Clinical Partners Medico Legal Services

High Quality Reports, Turned Around Fast by Expert Practicing Clinicians

Our team of over 160 nationwide mental health clinicians is an approved supplier to HM Prison Services and many are Section 12 approved. We regularly act for leading chambers and law firms, as well as the Home Office. Our clinicians pride themselves in preparing thoroughly for court and we have a proven track record of successfully standing as expert witnesses.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept instructions funded by legal aid.

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We cover the following areas:

  • Child, adolescent and family matters
  • Forensic and Criminal law
  • Employment law
  • Mental Capacity Assessment
  • Asylum and Immigration
  • Civil and Personal Injury

What Medico-Legal Services Can We Provide?

  • Undertake psychiatric assessments for a variety of issues
  • Undertake forensic psychiatric assessments (we are able to visit Prisons and Residential Centres)
  • Advise on an individual’s diagnosis
  • Provide treatment recommendations
  • Advise on the appropriateness of medical treatment
  • Provide second opinions
  • Conduct psychiatric risk assessments

Why Choose Clinical Partners?

Medico legal reports can be the most important piece of evidence for your case. Poor quality reports can result in:

  • Undervaluation of damages
  • Time wasted seeking clarification
  • Weakening of overall case

Choosing Clinical Partners ensures that these problems will not happen for you. We only use experienced Clinicians who have successful track records of producing high quality medico legal reports

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0203 326 9160 0203 761 7026 0203 761 7027

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