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Providing medico legal reports to support those seeking asylum in the UK

Medico legal reports can be used to support an individual’s application for asylum and also in Courts of Appeal where an application for asylum has previously been turned down.

Medico legal reports are needed to assess the possible psychological and psychiatric impacts of an individual returning to their native country. For many seeking asylum, the torture, trauma or ill treatment they have experienced may have resulted in psychological conditions. These can include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and depression.

Why Clinical Partners?

It can be very difficult for the individual to recount the details of the past because of the traumatic nature of the memories.

This can make putting a case together increasingly hard. Engaging a Clinician with experience of working with these kind of cases is crucial to helping those seeking asylum put together the strongest case possible

Clinical Partners have a nationwide team of over 160 empathetic, experienced clinicians who are able to produce reports within the necessary timeframes, formats and budget.

Clinical Partners offer

  • Tailored assessments to the client’s needs
  • Assessment tools which are appropriate to the cultural norms of the clients
  • Reports with offer meaningful opinions
  • Proven track record of sourcing the right Clinician for your client, in terms of location and language skills needed.

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