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Clinical Partners are able to give medico-legal psychiatric and psychological assessments for all matters relating to child, adolescent and family law.

Often these cases can be the most complicated due to the family dynamics and issues involved.

A court may need to make decisions on behalf of a minor that can have far reaching implications for the entire family. For this reason, expert witnesses are often called upon to give opinions that help the courts make the best possible decisions.

With the implications of the report being so serious for those involved, getting experienced experts to support your client is vital to getting the best possible outcome.

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How can Clinical Partners help?

Clinical Partners have expert child and adolescent psychologists and psychiatrists who have a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide variety of issues, in an approachable, yet professional way.

Our clinicians have experience of carrying out psychiatric assessments, writing reports for Court and standing as expert witnesses.

Our team of clinicians are also able to offer treatment options to children and adults to help overcome any issues they may be experiencing, perhaps even due to the Court process.

Child, adolescent and family law medico-legal assessments

Child Protection

We can assess children and adolescents for cases involving child safety and protection issues. We are able to provide reports on the psychological impact of abuse or neglect.

Parenting Assessments

Sometimes the courts need to determine if a child should be placed in alternative care provision, such as foster care. To make such an important decision it is vital that the courts gather as much information as possible and take into consideration the opinions of all parties involved.

We are able to offer parenting capacity assessments which look at key elements of parenting such as the ability to provide emotional warmth, guidance, boundaries and stability. We are also able to offer assessments to parents where there are disputes around parenting arrangements.

These include:

  • personality assessments
  • cognitive testing
  • mental capacity
  • issues around domestic violence
  • substance misuse
  • learning disabilities

The child’s social and emotional wellbeing must be taken into consideration when determining care options and parenting rights.

Our team of child and adolescent psychiatrists are able to carry out these assessments and communicate these in a court of law.


We have experts who are able to assess your child or adolescent should there be a disagreement regarding a Secure Accommodation Order. We are able to offer second opinions for diagnoses and advise on the best possible treatment options for your child.

Family law can be some of the most complicated because of the issues involved and the importance of putting the child’s best interests first. Our team of medico-legal advisors will be able to arrange appointments with expert clinicians who can provide the assessments and reports you require.

Our team will also ensure the smooth management of your case, ensuring paperwork is filed with the timeframe, format and budget required.

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0203 326 9160

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0203 761 7027

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0203 326 9160 0203 761 7026 0203 761 7027 0203 761 7029

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