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Absence Management and Return to Work

The average number of working days taken off due to an episode of stress, anxiety or depression is 23 days1.

This period of leave can be very difficult to manage in terms of cover arrangements, lost productivity and managing the return to work of the member of staff.

At Clinical Partners we know how time consuming this can be and how important it is to get the process right to prevent any future absenteeism or complications. Unless changes are made it is very likely that the member of staff will have a subsequent absence from work, which can be even harder to manage.

How can Clinical Partners help with the return to work process?

Our senior occupational health advisors will be able to assess employee’s fitness to work and make recommendations for adjustments that will help support them at work.

Follow up consultations will help monitor progress with the aim of quickly making adjustments needed to ensure the member of staff’s successful return to work and further years of productive service.

What are the benefits of an effective return to work scheme?

There are many benefits to the organisation as a whole. In financial terms, early retirements, cover arrangements, recruitment and training replacement members of staff can all be very costly.

Many organisations cannot easily put cover arrangements in which means either the work goes uncompleted or other staff are impacted by an increased workload. This can then lead to additional workplace stress and decreased morale.

Managing the return to work process effectively does not generate only financial benefits. Organisations that are supportive of their staff benefit from reduced staff turnover, increased staff morale, increased productivity and can have greater levels of investor confidence and profits.

To find out more about how we can help you please contact one of our experienced Occupation Health Advisors on 0203 761 7027 or

1Health and Safety Executive – Stress related and Psychological Occupational Health Disorders in Great Britain 2014

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