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Employment Tribunals

Employment tribunals are expensive, time consuming and stressful for everyone involved.

Professional occupational health advice can help prevent employment relationships from breaking down and help employees return to good health and work where possible.

When it looks as though a tribunal may be likely then we work with your legal advisors to provide advice, as well as expert psychiatric or psychological reports when required.

How can Clinical Partners help with your Employment Law Issues?

We have an expert team of senior occupational health advisors and clinicians who will be able to support you through the employment tribunal process, working closely with your legal advisors.

We can provide:

  • Expert assessments for the employee involved including current and likely future fitness for work
  • Advice on diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment recommendations where appropriate
  • Advice on your obligations as the employer
  • Expert witness services as required by the court

Common reasons for needing occupational health support with an employment tribunal:

Dismissal for Incapability

If you are concerned that your member of staff is no longer able to perform their duties because of ill health, perhaps they have had repeated episodes of sickness absence, you may wish to seek occupational mental health support.

We can:

  • Assess the employee for the reasons for their absence and give a prognosis
  • Assess the employee for their functional abilities which can be used to determine if they are able to carry out other roles

Equality Act 2010

If an employee is taking your organisation to employment tribunal for discrimination reasons we can advise on whether the employee is likely to be disabled, in terms of mental health, and advise on possible reasonable adjustments that would assist the employee.

Expert Witness Support

Clinical Partners have over 160 clinicians who have specialisms across a broad range of areas and able to act as expert witnesses.

To find out how we can support you through an employment tribunal please call Caroline Scott – Head of Client and Provider Relations on 0203 761 7027.

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