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Occupational Health Assessments

When your employee is experiencing a physical or mental health difficulty and you need advice managing them, you can call Clinical Partners.

We can assess their Fitness to Work and determine what, if any, adjustments need to be made to help them in the workplace.

The first step of the process is for you to complete a referral form giving us some basic information, and we will then arrange an occupational health assessment for the employee.

What to expect from an occupational health assessment:

The initial assessment is usually a one hour face to face or telephone consultation between the employee and one of our senior occupational health advisors.

Our advisors will obtain the necessary consents and prepare a report for you, the employer. The report will advise you if there is an underlying health issue, employee’s fitness to work and make recommendations such as adjustments to the workplace. Our occupational health advisors will work with your employee to ensure that they understand the occupational health process and their responsibilities within it.

The assessment will also advise you if further specialist investigations and treatment would be useful and will detail a structured return to work plan if appropriate.

Absence management advice

Our Occupational Health team will advise and support you to manage employee absences.

This might include an assessment of the employee to ascertain fitness to work or to help determine any workplace adjustments that could be made to ensure your employee is able to stay in work.

Return to work

Employees returning from a period of illness may need a phased return to work with reasonable adjustments to the workplace.

We can provide expert input into that process to maximise the chances of a successful return. Sometimes both parties will decide that a return may not be possible or advisable, and in these cases we can help move the case forward accordingly.

To find out more about how we can help you please contact one of our experienced Occupation Health Advisors on 0203 761 7027 or

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