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Rikie Salman

MA, PG, BA, PG Dips (Drama Therapy, Family Therapy, Systemic Theory), Dip (OT)

Clinical Partners

Head Primary Mental Health Practioner

Location: London


Rikie talking about emotional resilience in young people

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Occupational Therapist and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Specialist.

Rikie is an exceptionally warm, approachable and engaging practitioner with nearly 30 years' experience of treating children, adolescents and adults with mental health issues. She has enormous expertise in working with adolescents treating eating disorders, persistent depression and self-harm. Rikie also works with younger children and offers drama therapy and play therapy.

She is also very experienced in individual and group parenting interventions, family therapy, individual play therapy and CBT work and is able to focus on interpersonal therapies for social skills, anger management and stress management.

She is very approachable and is passionate about working with patients in times of crisis and helping them find solutions to the issues they are facing.


Rikie specialises in treating Childhood mental health issues including ADHD (ADD); the spectrum of Autism disorders; persistent depression; anxiety; eating disorders, self-harm, dyspraxia and conduct disorder. She also is very experienced in family support and parenting issues.

Therapeutic Approaches


Rikie is an Occupational Therapist and child and adolescent mental health specialist in London.

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